Monday, August 21, 2017

Final Project Master

Assalamualaikum w.w dan salam sejahtera...

Allahuakbar.. lamanya Ola tak update blog ni... sebenarnya ada ja masa nak buat entry tapi sebab bila dah sibuk buat benda lain, time nak rehat tu mmg rehat secukupnya... Awal tahun hari tu Ola sibuk siapka final project master Ola.. Alhamdulillah telah siap dengan jayanya,.. and the best part is graduate on time...!!! Congrats to me...!! 



wish me luck for my next step and i'll pray for u all too...
For this last semester, we as a master students must prepare this hard cover (normally 2 pieces, 1 for faculty and another one for supervisor)
So why i prepared 4? Coz the rest i have to pass it to EPRD (Educational Planning and Research Division) and for myself.

and we should prepare 2 copies of CD in pdf format.

mine is pink in colour.. and the green one kak Ana's CD

So we will pass up on this coming Friday... insyaallah...

Lepas ini ingat nak share assignment sepanjang Ola blajar master ni.. doakan kesihatan Ola yer..

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